AlloyGator Wheel Protection Victoria

Have you ever scraped your wheels on a curb, or when parking? We know the feeling. That sound haunts you forever. It's something that's bound to happen to any driver with today's modern wheel designs and low profile tires.  But now, we can offer a durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to safeguard your vehicle's wheels. Introducing ALLOYGATOR Wheel Protection.

We are an Authorized AlloyGator Canada Installer.

Alloy Gator Victoria

Durable, engineered wheel protection

AlloyGators are made from high strength nylon, and are held in place on the rim with the bead of the tire, unlike stick on products. The stainless steel teeth safely grip the rim without damaging it, enabling the product to actually withstand curb contact and prevent wheel damage. They are available in 15 different colours to make matching or customizing your wheels easy, be it discreet or making a statement. With 80% of OEM vehicles being suitable candidates for AlloyGators, there's a set that will suit your style and give you peace of mind every time you drive away. Whether protecting new wheels, or hiding existing damage, AlloyGators have you covered. 

Alloy Gator Victoria

A colour for every style

Each AlloyGator is constructed of solid colour nylon, so even if you graze it, it won't discolour. Warranted against fading for 2 years. 

Alloy Gator Victoria

Professional Install

We are an Official Installer and have the right tools and experience to properly fit and maintain your new AlloyGators.

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Alloy Gator Victoria

Real Protection. No Gimmicks

AlloyGators are engineered to withstand low speed curb impacts and prevent costly wheel damage. Unlike stick-on competitors, they actually work, and are replaceable too if accidents happen.

     Potential Cost Savings

In comparison to alloy wheel repair, installing AlloyGators will save you hundreds of dollars and can prevent damage in the first place.

          Certified Quality

The only MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) and TUV certified wheel protector on the market. Manufactured in the UK, you can expect world class fit and finish with unbeatable durability.

                Easy Clean

There's no special process for cleaning your AlloyGators. Just wash them with soap and water or your favourite wheel cleaning routine, and they'll look great for years.

                 Universal Fit

AlloyGators can be installed on wheels ranging from 12"-24" diameters. Each Gator is cut and fitted to the exact size of wheel for your vehicle, ensuring total coverage and protection.

$329 plus tax / set of 4.

Each AlloyGator install is performed in a safe manner without inflicting damage to your wheels or vehicle. The vehicle is raised off the ground, and each tire is deflated and dismounted. AlloyGators are installed onto the rim lip and set in place with gripper teeth, and then joined with a clip and high strength glue at the joint. The tires are then reinflated to the proper pressure to seat the new AlloyGator and then remounted. The vehicle can then be driven right away after installation.

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